• Transport  Management  Team

    Transport  Management  Team

    The aim of the research group is to carry out scientific research and practical studies in the area of transport management, economics and technology.

    The team’s research and scientific interests focus around the problems of transport system functioning, taking into account the specificities of individual modes of transport (road, rail, maritime, air and inland waterways).

    The team conducts research on issues such as: integration of transport processes, competition and cooperation in transport (international freight and passenger transport markets), infrastructure and transport companies management, sustainable transport development (environmental and social effects of transport activities, CSR, circular economy in transport systems), transport decisions making in supply chain (demand analysis, transport mode choice), transport accessibility, mobility management.


    management and quality studies, economics and finance, social and economic geography and spatial management


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    Instytut Zarządzania

    dr hab. Michał Pluciński, prof. US – Kierownik (michal.plucinski@usz.edu.pl)

    prof. zw. dr hab. Elżbieta Załoga (elzbieta.zaloga@usz.edu.pl; tel. 91 44-43-154)

    dr hab. Tomasz Kwarciński, prof. US (tomasz.kwarcinski@usz.edu.pl; tel. 91 44-43-155)

    dr inż. Arkadiusz Drewnowski (arkadiusz.drewnowski@usz.edu.pl; tel. 91 44-43-210)

    dr Agnieszka Gozdek (agnieszka.gozdek@usz.edu.pl; tel. 91 44-43-152)

    dr Zuzanna Kłos-Adamkiewicz (zuzanna.klos-adamkiewicz@usz.edu.pl)

    dr Emilia Kuciaba (emilia.kuciaba@usz.edu.pl; tel. 91 44-43-152)

    dr Marta Mańkowska (marta.mankowska@usz.edu.pl)

    dr Bartosz Pilecki  (bartosz.pilecki@usz.edu.pl)

    mgr Sylwia Kowalska (sylwia.kowalska@usz.edu.pl; tel. 91 44-43-152)