• Tourism and Hospitality Team

    Tourism and Hospitality Team

    The Tourism and Hospitality Management Team has been operating at the

    Department of Transport Management since 2019. A team of three scientists (Anna Tokarz-

    Kocik, Adam Pawlicz, Marta Sidorkiewicz) conduct research, expert and development

    activities in the following areas:

    · management of tourism and hotel enterprises,

    · human resources management in tourism and hotel industry,

    · sharing economy in tourism and hotel industry,

    · tourism and hospitality marketing,

    · modern technologies in tourism and Hospitality,

    · meetings industry.

    The mission of the Tourism and Hotel Management Team is to create high-quality

    scientific research, the results of which can be used to optimize both tourism policy and the

    marketing of tourism enterprises. Stimulating public-private cooperation, which is an

    indispensable factor in the tourism development, is one of the main goals of the Tourism

    and Hospitality Management Team.

    Tourism and Hospitality accounts for 10% of global GDP and employs 334 million

    workers worldwide. The development of the sector requires both well-prepared staff and

    expert knowledge in the field of its development strategy, both at the level of tourist regions

    and from the point of view of the industry. The undertaken research activities and

    development works are in line with national and European trends and standards.


    management and quality studies


    More information:

    Institute of Management,

    ul. Cukrowa 8, 71-004 Szczecin (Poland)

    Telefony członków Zespołu:

    tel. +48 91 444 31 67 (dr hab. prof. US Anna Tokarz-Kocik)

    tel. +48 91 444 31 69 (dr hab. Adam Pawlicz),

    tel. +48 91 444 31 43 (dr Marta Sidorkiewicz)

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