• ‘The City’ Research Group 

    ‘The City’ Research Group 
    Opis / Description:  
    Research Group ‘The City’ at the University of Szczecin brings together scientists from such disciplines as: urban sociology, social and economic geography, spatial management, anthropology and cultural studies.  We mainly focus on the theory and practice of urban studies, researching – in particular, but not only – Szczecin and other cities of the region. Apart from joint research work, we organize meetings, conferences, and we cooperate with the Urban Sociology Resarch Group of the Polish Sociological Association.  
    sociologysocial and economic geography and spatial management, culture and religion studies 
    More information:    

    The Research Group was established at the Institute of Sociology, the members: Maciej Kowalewski, Instytut Socjologii (Institute of Sociology, head of RG), Robert Bartłomiejski (IS), Tomasz Bocheński (Institute of Social and Economic Geography and Spatial Management), Paweł Czapliński (IGSEiGP), Marek Dutkowski (IGSEiGP), Anna Królikowska (IS), Kalina Kukiełko-Rogozińska (IS), Natalia Maksymowicz (IS), Jacek Rudewicz (IGSEiGP). 

    And new members are welcome! 

    Instytut Socjologii, maciej.kowalewski@usz.edu.pl