• Team for Philosophy, Theory and Economic Analisys

    Team for Philosophy, Theory and Economic Analisys
    Interdisciplinary research group undertaking research tasks in the areas of philosophy and theory of law, including the economic analysis of the law. The philosophical subject-matter includes the axiology of the law and legal ethics. Theoretical issues include: a) creating a cohesive terminology and conceptual grid for the entire jurisprudence; b) theoretical problems of individual doctrines; c) legislative and sociotechnical issues, including those in terms of policy of the law. The research group works in the framework of an analytical method; a linguistic and economic analysis of the law is the core binding the directions of research activities.
    legal studies
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    Head of the Team: dr hab. Olgierd Bogucki, professor of the University of Szczecin

    Team members: dr Beata Kanarek; dr Maciej Kłodawski; dr hab. Krystyna Nizioł, professor of the University of Szczecin; dr Michał Peno; dr hab. Katarzyna Święch-Kujawska, professor of the University of Szczecin

    Research topics: design rules of the criminal law system and the roles of legal doctrines, semiotics of the principles of criminal liability, epistemic and axiological problems of interpretation and establishing facts in the application of the law, economization of the law, theory of tax law, ethical aspects of taxation, theory of law-making, legislative technique, developing mechanisms for analysing texts of legal acts in terms of automation of detection of legislative errors

    Institute of Legal Studies of the University of Szczecin; 91 444 28 25;  olgierd.bogucki@usz.edu.pl