• Team for Creating and Interpreting the Law

    Team for Creating and Interpreting the Law
    The aim of the Team’s activity is to conduct research in terms of methodology of legal studies, theoretical and legal concepts (mainly the derivational concept of interpretation of the law and the concept of conventional acts in the law) and also communicative (discursive) aspects of the law in terms of crating, interpreting and applying the law. The research undertaken by the Team, though diverse in terms of the subject-matter, has a common core. All research concerns the issues of shaping (or of it shaping itself) the methodological and communicative (discursive) competence of lawyers which is analysed from various perspectives (meta-theoretical, theoretical, practical). The Team’s research activity is interdisciplinary in nature. It employs the achievements of the jurisprudence, including the theory and philosophy of the law, but also the philosophy of science, linguistics, communication science, philosophy of language or philosophy of action.

    legal studies


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    agnieszka.chodun@usz.edu.pl; karolina.gmerek@usz.edu.pl



    Institute of Legal Studies, Faculty of Law and Administration University of Szczecin,

    ul. Narutowicza 17a, 70-240 Szczecin, Poland;