• Research Team for Legal Protection of the Family

    Research Team for Legal Protection of the Family
    The normative framework of research carried out by the team includes a set of norms connected by the function of the protection of the family. They belong to various disciplines of private substantive law, formal law, broadly understood public law, including in particular administrative law, conflict of laws or comparative law. This research requires a doctrinal analysis of regulations of the law understood in this way in the context of perceiving them through the lens of real aspects of the functioning of legal institutions concerning the family, including the economic (economic analysis of the law), psychological, pedagogical, medical etc. dimensions. As such they naturally lead to scholarly collaboration with representatives of the said fields of science.

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    dr hab. prof. US Marek Andrzejewski,  – tel. 509 580 188, marek.andrzejewski@usz.edu.pl

    Institute of Legal Studies, Faculty of Law and Administration University of Szczecin,

    ul. Narutowicza 17a, 70-240 Szczecin, Poland;