• Research Team for Electronic Communications Law

    Research Team for Electronic Communications Law
    Research carried out as part of the research team includes issues related to the organization and functioning of administrative bodies and issues related to administrative proceedings carried out by national regulatory authorities using information and communication technologies. The analysis includes processes of automation, robotization and artificial intelligence in the area of private and public law. In addition, the research team is involved in the following areas issues: use of information and communication technologies in public administration, cybersecurity of information and communication systems, network security, protection of personal data processed in information and communication systems, the importance of e-administration and e-services in legal transactions.

    legal studies


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    dr hab. prof. US Aleksandra Monarcha-Matlak, e-mail: aleksandra.monarcha-matlak@usz.edu.pl

    dr Przemysław Zdyb,  e-mail : przemyslaw.zdyb@usz.edu.pl

    mgr Dominika Skoczylas, email : dominika.skoczylas@usz.edu.pl


    Institute of Legal Studies, Faculty of Law and Administration University of Szczecin,

    ul. Narutowicza 17a, 70-240 Szczecin, Poland;