• Research Center on Logistics Applications in Smart Industry (Industry 4.0) 

    Research Center on Logistics Applications iSmart Industry (Industry 4.0) 

    The thematic scope includes research on logistics processes in modern solutions of smart industry (smart factory, smart supply-chain, smart product, business models of industry 4.0). 

    The research are carried out in cooperation with BOSSARD POLAND sp.z o.o., within the implemented by the company installation of Smart Factory Logistics and Last Mile Management solution in the Laboratory of Logistics Research and Analysis LogLab. 


    management and quality studies 

    Subdisciplines: logistics management, production and technology management, technology management, organizational behavior, strategic management, knowledge and information management 


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    Smart Factory Logistics – współpraca Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Katedra Logistyki z firmą Bossard Poland sp. z o.o. 



    dr hab. Marzena Frankowska { e-mail: marzena.frankowska@usz.edu.pl, tel. +48 91 4443472} 

    dr inż. Magdalena Malinowska {e-mail: magdalena.malinowska1@usz.edu.pltel. + 48 91-44-43-469} 

    mgr inż. Justyna Myszak {e-mail: justyna.myszak@usz.edu.pl, tel. + 48 91-44-43-457} 

    dr Andrzej Rzeczycki {e-mail: andrzej.rzeczycki@usz.edu.pl, tel. + 48 91-44-43-200} 


    Department of Logistics, Institute of Management, University of Szczecin  

    ul. Cukrowa 8, 71-004 Szczecin