• Priam-Tobit Consortium

    Priam-Tobit Consortium
    The PTP’s starting point is above mentioned actions and appreciates the importance of conclusions describing the situation of families. The aim of the project is to support the family of missing migrants in their situation of lost bond, memory and regaining the possibilities of managing the bodies of loved ones. PTP is already based on the experience and the procedures acquired by the members of the consortium in the similar situations. The experience gained and the procedures developed will be adapted to the new conditions resulting from the specificity of the situation of missing migrants therefore, participants of the consortium who are not taking part in the initial project they are specialists in their fields and are able to meet this new situation. PTP uses modern documents prepared by international organizations, primarily referring to the International Red Cross document entitled: ” Establishing mechanisms to clarify the fate and whereabouts of missing persons: A proposed humanitarian approach”. This document describes the specific situation of families of missing migrants and describes the quality of procedures in the process of their support.
    psychology, culture and religion studies, theology
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    ks. dr hab. Cezary Korzec prof. US