• Pedeutology and Pedagogical Aretology Reserch Group

    Pedeutology and Pedagogical Aretology Reserch Group
    The aim of the research is to shape a positive orientation in pedeutology as a science about the strengths of the teaching profession. Continuing the traditional directions of research on the teacher-educator, the preference concerns the aretological dimension of morality of the teacher-educator. Research issues relate to high-quality teaching being, consisting in deriving happiness from the performance of daily professional tasks using your virtues as the wealth of this being. The consequential value concerns the feeling of happiness of the pupil. Such research issues require an interdisciplinary approach, taking into account the premises of philosophical, psychological and sociological.
    • pedeutology
    • education theory
    • pedagogical aretology
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    The group is the organizer of an interdisciplinary nationwide conference series with foreign quests “Moral skills in upbringing” under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of the City of Szczecin, JM Rector of the University of Szczecin and the Committee of Pedagogical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The aim of the conference is an interdisciplinary exchange of views and experiences regarding the essence, types and indicators of moral effectiveness in education. Topics include the heritage and timeliness of moral functions, showing the dominant trends in their existence in various scientific and theoretical and practical disciplines, and the context of developing moral effectiveness. Please visit the series page: smww.usz.edu.pl
    The group edits The Library of moral skills, consisting of monographs on theoretical and practical issues combining shaping moral efficiency. We invite you to use these collections: smww.usz.edu.pl/biblioteka/
    The group cooperates in the development and promotion of science with the Department of General Pedagogy and Theories of Education at the Institute of Education Sciences of the Ignatianum Academy in Krakow.


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