• Modelling and analysis of logistic processes 

    Modelling and analysis of logistic processes 

    The research are focused on analysis and evaluation of logistics processes. The key scope concerns: 

    – process visualization including process maps and process diagrams for the purposes of identifying inter-processes relationships; 

    – analysis and evaluation of logistic processes including the identification of gaps and bottlenecks in their functioning as well as the concept of process changes. 

    The following modeling and simulation software available in the Laboratory of Logistics Research and Analysis LogLab is used: Adonis (using BPMN language) and Arena Simulation Software.  


    management and quality studies 

    Subdisciplines: logistics management, process management, managerial decisions support, knowledge and information management 


    More information: 

    dr inż. Magdalena Malinowska {e-mail: magdalena.malinowska1@usz.edu.pl, tel. + 48 91-44-43-469} 

    dr Andrzej Rzeczycki {e-mail: andrzej.rzeczycki@usz.edu.pl, tel. + 48 91-44-43-200} 

    dr inż. Mariusz Sowa {e-mail: mariusz.sowa@usz.edu.pl, tel. + 48 91-44-43-473} 


    Department of Logistics, Institute of Management, University of Szczecin  

    Cukrowa 8, 71-004 Szczecin