• Marine Geology Research Group

    Marine Geology Research Group
    Research in the field of marine geology regarding: (1) recognition of environmental conditions of shallow- and deep-water sedimentation in selected Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean basins, (2) mineralogy and geochemistry of sediments and mineral resources of selected ocean basins and collision zones, (3) application of acoustic and seismoacoustic methods in geological studies and paleogeographic evolution of different water basins, (4) application of geostatistical methods for determining the variability of geological environment features.

    Earth and environmental sciences

    Subdisciplines: geology, geophysics, geochemistry

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    Institute of Marine and Environmental Sciences
    Andrzej Osadczuk , PhD, D.Sc.  Phone: +48 91 4442476; E-mail: andrzej.osadczuk@usz.edu.pl