• Lean Management Research Team

    Lean Management Research Team

    The thematic scope of research mainly includes:

    –        Barriers of Lean Management in manufacturing enterprises,

    –        Lean logistics – lean in production logistics processes, internal Logistics,

    –        Value Stream Mapping,

    –        Lean 4.0 – digital technologies support Lean practices, mass customization,

    –        Lean vs. Agile Supply Chain,

    –        Organizational culture, Lean culture and Lean practices,

    –        Quality management.



    management and quality studies

    Sub-disciplines: production and technology management, logistics and supply chain management, quality management, organizational behavior, strategic management.


    More information:

    dr hab. Marzena Frankowska

    tel. +48 444 34 72

    e-mail: marzena.frankowska@usz.edu.pl

    Department of Logistics, Institut of Management

    University of Szczecin

    Cukrowa 8, 71-004 Szczecin

    Zespół badawczy:

    dr hab. Marzena Frankowska

    dr Joanna Drobiazgiewicz

    mgr inż. Justyna Myszak

    Department of Logistics, Institut of Management
    dr Barbara Czerniachowicz Departament of Corporate Management, Institut of Management