• Journalism and New Media Research Group

    Journalism and New Media Research Group

     The team conducts research on the following topics: 

    – political, social, cultural and literary issues in traditional media and new media in the 20th and 21st centuries; 

    – history of local and regional media after 1945; 

    – journalism culture.


    literary studies 

    communication and media studies  


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    Members of the research team: 

    prof. dr hab. Andrzej Skrendo 

    dr hab. Agata Zawiszewska, prof. US  

    dr hab. Paulina Olechowska  

    dr Bogdan Balicki  

    dr Krzysztof Flasiński  

    dr Sławomir Iwasiów  

    dr Artur Trudzik


    Institute of Literature and New Media 

    tel. sekretariat: +48 91 444 28 94