• Horizons of Anthropocene Community Change Labs

    Horizons of Anthropocene Community Change Labs
    The group’s work is focused on the discoveries and changes of conditions of development of the critical consciousness of the people of different ages and from the various communities in the realm of consequences changes in the living environment in the current period of Anthropocene – an era in the history of the planet in which man has a decisive influence on the state, dynamics and future of the Earth.
    In the field of research interest and social impact in individual groups of inhabitants of the Szczecin metropolis, there are stimulations and expansions of experience to react to negative and positive manifestations of behavior towards the manifestations and consequences of phenomena caused by human actions transforming the natural environment.
    As a tool for these actions, problem laboratories are created, focused on selected groups of phenomena of interference of humankind to the life of Earth. Their activities are directed to various groups and environments, with particular emphasis on formal, non-formal and informal education.
    • education sciences,
    • philosophy,
    • cultural studies,
    • law, sociology,
    • biology, geography,
    • informatics,
    • health sciences
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    Institute of Pedagogy
    Department of General Pedagogy, Didactic and Cultural Studies,
    University of Szczecin
    Phone: +4891 444 3773