• Geobotany Research Group

    Geobotany Research Group
    We study the impact of environmental conditions on the diversity of vascular plants and fungi. Research topics: (1) Carex and Taraxacum genus – studies at morphological, habitat and genetic levels, (2) Vegetation of river valleys – analysis of diversity, habitat conditions and conservation status of selected groups of plant communities. Invasive species in Poland and in the world, (3) Environmental conditions, chemical constituent and properties  of useful plants and fungi, (4) The diversity of plants and fungi of forest and peatlands in relation to environmental conditions, (5) Multi-faceted analysis of aeroplankton, with particular emphasis on environmental factors.
    Earth and environmental sciences
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    Institute of Marine and Environmental Sciences
    Phone: +48 91 4441669; E-mail: helena.wieclaw@usz.edu.pl