• Department of Logistics

    Department of Logistics 
    The Department’s scientific and research activities concern the following trends: logistics, supply chains and networks, energy management, international logistics, urban logistics and electromobility, production logistics, warehouse management. Other areas that are of interest to the Department’s employees include: logistics process management, design and analysis of logistics systems, enterprise logistics, production management, supply chain / network management, logistics services market, IT applications in logistics, logistics processes infrastructure, environmental conditions of logistics processes. 

    management and quality studies 


    Subdiscipline: logistics 


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    dr hab. Wojciech Drożdż, prof. US (e-mail: wojciech.drozdz@usz.edu.pl) – Kierownik Katedry (Head of the Department) 

    Department of Logistics, Institute of Management, University of Szczecin  

    ul. Cukrowa 8, 71-004 Szczecin