• Civil Law Problems of Economic Trading

    Civil Law Problems of Economic Trading

    The team’s objective is to conduct research on regulations concerning economic trading, including trading with the participation of consumers, with particular focus on the subject matter of carriage law, tourism law and insurance law as well as intellectual property law. This general purpose accommodates the following detailed objectives:

    – developing optimal solutions in terms of national regulation of the carriage contract, the forwarding contract and the contract for participation in a tourist event.

    – developing solutions in substantive law that allow mainstreaming and accelerating financial settlements between participants of economic transactions.

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    Institute of Legal Studies, tel. (91) 444-28-01,  krzysztof.wesolowski@usz.edu.pl


    Institute of Legal Studies, Faculty of Law and Administration University of Szczecin,

    ul. Piastów 40b, 71-065 Szczecin, Poland;